A lot of women feel that it is only them who need to be made feel special. But contrary to popular belief and the tough image that most men present, men too like it when the woman they are with makes them feel special. But the way to make a man feel special is a lot different than what a woman would want. So here are a couple of things that will help you in making your man feel special.

Dress up for him

The one thing that men really like is for their woman to look good…for them. So unlike what a lot of women do when they are well into a relationship, don’t let yourself go and make your man see that you want to look good and dress up for him. Make his appreciation count and he will feel great.

Give him a sexy treat

The new sexual experience will make him fell great and will also keep him addicted to you.

Be interested in his job

Another way of making a man feel really good is by taking interest in his job.

Talk about his achievements

Men have a big ego and stroking that ego in the right way makes him feel special.

Flirt in unlikely places

So re-ignite the passion and flirt with him but do so in the unlikeliest of places such as in a restaurant or a very crowded place.

Tell him everyday things

Make your man feel special by appreciating the everyday things that he does and the way that he is. Make him feel unique and he will feel special.

Act jealous at times

Sometimes pretending to be jealous or just being a bit jealous can help you make your man feel special.

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