Going through a break up is a really difficult time in anyone’s life. You cant help but wonder what might have been. The situation may be that you have hurt your partner in some way and want to win them back.

This short piece is going to look at what options are available to you if you want to get back with your ex after you have cheated on them. You first need to truly accept that what you done is wrong, there is no point carrying on if you don’t really regret anything.

So if you are 100% into this then you are ready to try getting your ex back. Firstly, you need to make a vow to yourself to never ever be unfaithful again.

It is important to try to keep as much distance as possible between yourself and your ex soon after the split. This is so you both will have some space and it gives you time to think. Use this time to your advantage, don’t just sit around feeling sorry for yourself, try a new look or go out socialising with friends.

It is vital that you do not try to contact your ex at all during this period, no messages, emails or phone calls at all. After your cooling off period, it is now time to contact your ex, this should be done calmly and casually. At your meeting, keep the conversation on casual topics at first, talk about what good things you have been doing with your time for example.

Once you feel comfortable enough, apologise to your ex for what you have done, and gently try to persuade them that you will never do it again. It is vital that you convince your ex that these sort of actions will never be repeated and beg them to give you another chance.

There are no guarantees that your ex will take you back after all this too, all you can do is try your best to make them understand how sorry you are, the rest is up to them. There is lots of information out there that you may find useful to get your ex back whatever circumstance your relationship ended under.

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