This short piece is going to explain briefly about rebound relationships and the negative effect that they have. Rebound relationships always occur shortly after the demise of someone’s previous relationship.

The reasoning behind starting a brand new relationship for most people is to make their ex envious of them. The theory is that if your ex becomes jealous of your relationship they will try and sort the relationship out.

This can work on occasion but it can also end quite badly too. Your ex may look at you with someone else and assume that you’ve moved on so they could do the same themselves.

If this happens then you will find it very hard to get your ex back as they may fall in love with their new partner. Also, if you do get back together with your ex, the chances are that you will probably end up hurting your rebound partner.

Jealousy could also materialise if you get back together, from dating other people. It may be hard for your partner to deal with the thought of you being in the company of someone else.

Even though you were technically apart if your ex still wanted you during this time and you were with someone else it can drive them mad. You could also feel guilty about your time spent with someone else.

Even worse, someone could fall pregnant in a rebound relationship. If you get your rebound girlfriend pregnant for example, your partner may have real difficulty come to terms with. Your ex boyfriend would be really unhappy with you carrying a baby that wasn’t his.

I think that it is safe to say that it is best to avoid rebound relationships altogether. These types of relationships will not do your relationship with your ex any favours, there are far better ways of getting them back.

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