Today I am going to chat about whether or not it’s possible to stop a divorce and get back with your partner. Working things out and being able to get your ex back when you are young and simply dating each other is a lot simpler than trying to stop a divorce from going through.

There is of course the ideal of a break up and then a reconciliation soon after like in the movies. Unfortunately real life never quite works out as well as the movies.

The reason why marriages can be harder to fix is because usually the decision to get a divorce isn’t taken lightly. Alongside divorce there is often lots of financial trouble and disputes.

For example what would happen with the family home?. One of you will definitely have to move out, or even the house will need to be sold. Either way it’s a big headache and financial inconvenience.

When children are in the picture this only makes things more difficult. Fights for child custody can often get messy and feelings will be more resentful than ever.

So as you can see, before getting divorced there’s a lot to think about. A person is more likely to want to see the divorce through to the end if they decide to go ahead after considering these factors.

It gets more difficult to stop the process as you get further into it, like when you start paying solicitors. Divorce is often seen as the end of something bad and the start of something new and exciting, which is why it can be very hard to change someone’s mind once they are thinking like this.

Sorting out a divorce is so much harder than if you are young in a casual relationship. Young couples are falling in love, breaking up and then getting back together all the time.

On the other hand people who are married and break up are not likely to get back together, in fact about half of all marriages in America now end in divorce. Of course you should try to fix things if you want to, but it is unlikely that you will succeed at all.

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