There’s nothing pleasant about being the one who is always on the losing side of love.. Sometimes, it can leave you wondering what’s wrong with you or what are you doing wrong? While most of the time, the problem isn’t what you’re doing wrong but something you’re not doing right, there are quite a few things you might be doing that are placing your relationships in jeopardy before they even have a chance to really get started.

Get Your Ex Back

Get Your Ex Back

Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind before beginning your next relationship in hopes of better results.

Set Your Standards Higher

I know you’re thinking that having lower standards hasn’t worked out well for you in the past and you’re wondering how having higher standards will help out in the future. But here’s the thing. If you take your time and find someone who has more in common with you then you will be much more likely to be compatible.

You don’t have to find an exact carbon copy of yourself, where’s the fun in that? But you can find someone who shares some of your interests, has some hobbies in common with you, and has a similar set of values and goals for the future. This will make you much more likely to have common ground even after the ‘newness’ of the relationship wears off.

Learn to Love Yourself First

Part of the problem that many people in relationships that seem doomed to fall have is that they don’t love themselves to begin with. They have little or no confidence in who they are. It makes it very difficult for them to maintain any confidence in the love of the other person.

Instead of waiting to find someone to love you, love yourself instead. Then, you’ll be more likely to hold out for the right one to love rather than falling for anyone that comes along. You should never allow your self-worth to be determined by someone else. YOU deserve so much better than that.

Wait for Someone Worthy

You are a great person. You have a lot to offer the right guy or girl. Now it’s time to take a step back from dating in general and wait long enough for the right one to come along. You need to hold out for someone that stirs your imagination, makes you feel better when you’re together, and has you thinking more and more about the future. Most importantly, wait for someone who makes you feel loved, respected, and appreciated. That’s when you know you have a real winner on your hands.

But what if that one got away?

Then it’s time to go through the process of learning how to get your ex back. Start by watching the video in the link and putting the opening move it teaches to work for you. This move has been instrumental in helping more than 50,000 couples get back together already. I believe it can help you too but it will only work if you find out what it is so hurry and watch the video now!

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