Sometimes it seems like you’ll never get over your broken heart – especially when it follows an unexpected breakup.. Broken hearts do heal. It happens all the time. The problem is that they often heal at their own pace – unless they have a little help in the healing process.

The Problem with Broken Hearts

If you break your leg; there are all kinds of treatment options available. From pain killers and leg braces to full casts and crutches that are various tools that are designed to not only dull the pain but also promote a healing environment for the bone to recover.

Unfortunately, the same doesn’t hold true for broken hearts. There aren’t any magic pills that lead to quick mending or even really work to effectively dull the pain. You’re stuck with a seven-stage grieving process that often works at its own pace and your own wits to help you recover so you can move on.

But, there is light at the end of this long tunnel. You see, relying on your wits isn’t necessarily a bad thing at a time like this. Your mind needs to be occupied. That way it doesn’t have time to go down the lonely roads it would otherwise wander at times like these.

So, here’s what you need to do to help yourself move on after an unwanted breakup. Get Your Ex Back

Get Active

Physical activity at a time like this is vitally important. First of all, this is the time when a lot of people lock themselves in their homes for months at a time eating rocky road ice cream and watching soap opera reruns on TiVo. The other side of that high-calorie, sedentary binge is often a few extra pounds and even more emotional baggage to carry around.

The second reason this is so important is that physical exercise and activity can release beneficial endorphins. Endorphins are wonderful side effects of exercise and strenuous activity. They provide your body with a ‘sudden flood’ of positivity and feelings of well-being. They are even documented to assist with pain relief.

Get Social

I’m not talking about Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest. I’m talking about ‘in your face’ kind of social – in a good way of course. Get together with friends. Have a barbecue. Go to a club. Watch a comedy (just skip the romantic comedies for the time being). Surround yourself with people who love you, like you, and enjoy spending time with you.

They’ll help you take your mind off your loneliness and keep you busy out of the house. The one thing you want to avoid, at least for a while, is coming home to an empty home night after night and being alone with your thoughts, your memories, and your broken heart.

Get Your Ex Back

The final, and most productive way to move on after an unwanted breakup for many people is to get your ex back. There’s no substitute for the flood of good will, positive energy, and self esteem benefits that go along with this action. More importantly, for you, you’ll feel like you’re whole again.

Don’t think it’s possible to get your ex back after your breakup? Think you’ve made too many mistakes to fix things? Think again! Watch this FREE video and you’ll see exactly what you need to do to make things right between the two of you once and for all. It’s the same method that’s helped more than 50,000 couples already. The odds are good that it can help you too!

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