Every day is a struggle in the months after your divorce. The holidays, however, are particularly stressful. Some people, at times like this hide from the world and skip all the festivities. But sometimes, circumstances don’t allow you that luxury – especially if you have little ones counting on you being in the holiday spirit.

Here are a few quick and friendly things you can do to help banish your inner Ebenezer and enjoy a heaping helping of holiday cheer.

Fake it Until You Make It

Not eloquent at all but it gets the point across. Sometimes you really do have to paste the smile on and pretend that everything is OK. You may have gotten out of practice a bit since the days and weeks following your divorce. But the odds are good it will come back to you quickly when your children, who have been through so much themselves, are looking for a little bit of normalcy, order, and happiness in times like these that are uncertain and unsettling to them too.

But if you put on enough music, sing enough carols, paint enough pretty ornaments, and put up all the decorations you might find yourself, unwittingly, getting into the spirit of the holidays on your own. It’s amazing the way that works out sometimes.

Forgive Yourself for Slipping

No one is perfect. Parents today have this unrealistic expectation of perfection. You don’t have to be perfect for your sake or the sake of your children. You’re hurting. That’s OK. It’s OK to cry, to have harder days than other. What’s not OK is to stop trying because it’s too painful. There are people in this world who are counting on you and they need you to keep trying to put on that happy face and moving forward.

So, don’t beat yourself up when you have a bad day. Instead, vow to make the next day a better day and go on with your day. Learning to forgive yourself is the hardest thing to do after a divorce and the most necessary.

Ask for Help

You know this is going to be a difficult time. Turn to your support system and ask for help. Ask people to help you stay positive and cheerful. Ask them to take the children for a little while on days when it’s just too much. Ask for help with the shopping, decorating, baking, and merry-making.

There are so many things you once had two sets of hands to do that suddenly feel as though they are all on you. No one can do everything alone. Ask the people who do love you, friends and family, to help you get through the worst of it so that you aren’t too exhausted to make the most of your holidays.

Get Your Ex Back

Of course there is one final step that can make all the difference in the world. You can learn how to get your ex back before the holidays arrive – even after divorce. Don’t think it’s possible? Watch the video in the link above and find it just how possible it can be. Your holidays are sure to be much happier once you follow the sage advice you’ll see in the video. It’s helped people in 77 countries around the world work out their problems. It is sure to have something of value to offer you.

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