It is over between you and your partner and you want them back. You want them to be missing you. Nobody said that a breakup is easy, it really hurts. There is no other way you simply have to get them back, but how? Thus how can I get my ex back? You keep wishing and dreaming that they call you up and say that he/ she still misses you and wants to pick up where you left things.

So is there a way where you can win your ex back? Sure… there are some tricks you can use…but be warned they are not conventional. These tricks are actually quite sneaky. The great thing is that your ex won’t know what is happening.

Let us continue and have a look at what you can do to get your ex back. So here you have six tricks you can use to get your ex back.

1st Trick
Simply ignore them. Yes, that is quite simple; even if you feel you want to run over to them and plead that they take you back. Just be calm and act as if he/she doesn’t even exist. They have to get the impression that you are totally happy and you don’t even miss them one inch.

They will feel rejected, go nuts trying to figure out what is going on and they will feel ignored.

2nd Trick
While you are ignoring your ex, be awfully friendly to people he/she knows. Especially the people he/she doesn’t get on well with. This trick will have them frustrated and confused.

3rd Trick
Act self confidant. This really is no easy task, but try your best sending out the message: You are totally self assured. They always thought they were in control because you were missing them, but now the tables have turned and they are confused.

The response you will get is that they will be drowned in confusion. Now their self image isn’t that high anymore. They will wonder how you got over them so quickly and if you really loved them in the first place. Uncertainty will certainly take over crushing their ego.

4th Trick
Start flirting with other people. Don’t worry you don’t have to do anything, simply do a bit of light flirting. Your ex won’t like this one bit. They will certainly notice you and become green with envy. Your ex won’t be able to figure out what is happening.

5th Trick
Substitute your ex with something else. After a while your ex will contact you and you have to let them know you are busy at that moment and you have to go. Let them understand that you have places to be and stuff to do; you are very busy having fun. Basically let them understand you are having fun.

Keep them in the dark as to what is going on with you.

6th Trick
Be difficult. Don’t make it easy for them. They have to suffer a bit? Humans are strange that way, if they can’t have something they want it even more. So you understand now that making it too easy won’t really work.

Now that you have read these simple tricks, you will have to have a plan (if you fail to plan, you plan to fail). So listen up cautiously! So many people feel that this is not enough, what happens on your first date? What should you say? If you need a fail-proof plan then get one now. Thus before it’s too late and time runs out – Visit us now and get your ex back.

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