This short piece is going to discuss the actions you take to get over an ex. Normally people will remain positive and think that they have ways to get your ex back but this doesn’t occur much.

If you had a lot of emotional investment in the relationship in can be even harder to let go. It can change your life completely and you may not get over it for several years.

Many people are scared stiff of being alone, this can be incentive to keep a relationship going. People can also be frightened of change and become happy with their daily routine that they’re used to with their ex partner.

Being scared of change is no reason to try and get your ex back and it’s also no reason to take your ex back if they’re trying to come back to you. The end of the relationship will make you feel alone and rubbish but trust me you will get over it.

Once you’ve got over them you can then meet someone new and fall in love all over again. The time it will take to move on varies depending on how the relationship ended.

Teenagers can be fully over their ex within a week or two and can be ready to play the field once more. Older and more responsible people can take much longer for a few reasons. You may have children between you and there will be money issues too. If you have been in a relationship for many years too it can be really hard to move on.

Try to be as open and social as you can around family and friends and this will help you get over your split. You don’t want to sit around the house moping because this will make you feel worse. Life goes on, and spending time with familiar faces will help you realise this and you will recover.

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