I am going to give a bit of info that may help you figure out why your ex partner broke up with you. There are so many relationships around the world falling apart all the time with a lot of upset people.

Relationships come to an end for a variety of reasons, a main reason is that one person feels unappreciated. Typically it is the woman who feels this way when her partner doesn’t help her out with daily chores.

However the shoe can also be on the other foot, it could be the man feeling this way, his partner may not appreciate how much he actually does do. You will find that these sorts of feelings will materialise when both partners are used to each other several months since the relationship started.

People becoming bored is another reason for relationships coming to an end. At the start of a relationship you want to spend as much time as possible in each others’ company and do lots. However with time this feeling fades and you don’t spend half as much time together doing nice things.

If both of you are happy to lead a more quiet life and due less then there are often no issues, there is only trouble when both partners want to do different things. You need to compromise for an effective relationship and think about your partner’s needs and wants.

Perhaps the most common relationship ending reason, maybe more for younger couples, is jealousy. If one half of the relationships wants to go and see friends the other half can start to get jealous and with this comes possessiveness.

Possessiveness in a relationship is a feeling that gets gradually worse and can end with the total control of someone’s life. Partners generally become possessive when they fear that the other will betray them in some way.

If you have recently been through a break up, then I suggest that you skim get your ex back tips, these are great for helping you to put things right. I guarantee that there are ways and steps to follow that can make the chances of getting your ex back higher.

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