Has technology started to take over your life?? People are spending more and more time online, video gaming, and text messaging every day. From iPods to iPads and gaming consoles in between it’s no wonder that we’re feeling more and more disconnected from the world around us and more like islands unto ourselves.

There was a television commercial not too long ago that discussed how we, as a society, are becoming more and more involved in our mobile phones, and less engaged in what is going on around us. One scene in the commercial had a woman standing by the bed in lingerie trying to get her husband’s attention away from the phone. When that didn’t work, a well placed pillow did the trick. The catch phrase was ‘Really?’

Unfortunately, there are some major grains of truth throughout the commercial. Human interactions are going mobile and marriages, like many other ‘in person’ relationships, are paying a price for this deeper involvement in technology.

So, what can you do to prevent this scenario from happening to you?

Declare Tech Free Times in Your Home

These are times when all technology in your home gets turned off. You can work on your marriage and having real conversations, not to mention adult interaction during this time that would have otherwise been spent watching television, playing video games, surfing the ‘net, or texting with friends.

Text free time is a good idea for the entire family if you have children as well. This will be time you can all get back to the basics and enjoy a few board games or something. Whether you do one night a week or a certain amount of time every night, tech free living can really help you become more ‘connected’ than you have been in a very long time.

Just make sure that some of the tech free time is between you and your spouse. The goal, after all, is to save your marriage by reducing the invasion of technology into it.

Make Tech Work in Your Favor

‘If the Mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain.’ Sometimes, you have to find clever methods for affecting the changes you desire.

If technology is presenting a roadblock, find a way to make the detour more entertaining for the sake of your marriage or relationship. Use technology to get the attention of your significant other in a way that’s really going to matter. Send your own message. Get involved in the game. Beat him (or her) at his own game.

Don’t keep fighting it. Just find a way to make it work for you.

That’s what marriage is after all, finding a way to make the relationship work for both of you. If you’ve had trouble in the past or are continuing to have trouble now there is help available. Visit this link: http://magicofmakingup.com/ to discover what you can do right now to turn your marriage back around and get it on the right track.

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