Your heart takes a bit of a pounding when you’ve been dumped but that isn’t the only thing that’s going to need a little looking after before all is said and done.. Your self-confidence took a huge hit too and it’s going to take a little more than a few day’s worth of time to get that back.

Most people are hesitant to admit just how much damage has been done to their sense of self worth or value after being dumped by a person who loved them a great deal at some point in time. Unfortunately, for many people, it’s the self-confidence that takes the longest to ‘bounce back’ after an unexpected or unwanted breakup.

However, there are things you can do that will help you regain your lost confidence one step at a time. Starting the path back to a stronger you and a stronger opinion of yourself is perhaps the most important part of the healing process after a breakup. Here are a few steps you might need to take.

Start by Looking in the Mirror

Cosmetic changes are only skin deep but they are the changes that are often the easiest to see. You can start by making a few changes in appearance. See a hair stylist for a new ‘do’ and ask for advice on which style will bring out your best features. Find a new sense of style in your wardrobe while you’re at it and consider teeth whitening for fast changes you can see in the mirror.

If you’re self-confident about things that might take a longer time to correct now is the perfect time to take the important first steps in that process. Whether it’s shedding a few pounds, building a few muscles, or even something major like rhinoplasty or serious cosmetic dental work you can begin the process today. Sometimes, just getting started will give your confidence a much needed boost.

Concentrate on Changes YOU Want to Make

Deeper changes are great at times like these. There’s just one important thing to keep in mind. This is all about making YOU feel better about yourself. Don’t make changes you think someone else needs you to make. Don’t make changes because you think they’ll impress someone else. Now is the time to become the person YOU want to be.

Some great changes to consider include: volunteering, education, self-help, travel, learning new skills, exploring new interests, reconnecting with old hobbies, taking up new hobbies, and getting your financial house in order. All of these things can help you feel better about yourself and make your confidence soar.

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