Still recently you did not suppose any thought that your beloved can leave you, but here your friend with badly hidden shine in eyes informs that recently saw your beloved in a society of the charming long-legged blonde.

On eyes appear tears, in soul is the jealousy and melancholy, and in heart – a burning pain creeps in. And the brain does not get tired to torment one thought: how to return relations, how to revive his primary interest?

But, believe, not all is so tragic, this trouble is also reparable, it is enough to follow several simple rules, if this man is really necessary to you.

So, the first rule: without a panic! After all you have not broken up yet? It means, something holds him near you. And here it something should be underlined and developed. And in any case not to arrange hysterics and scandals – any man does not love it.
Whether it is necessary to say that your appearance even, if you did not give it a proper attention, is obliged to be on the ball.

The second rule: try to cause very softly him on a straight talk – that he likes in women, and what not, and try to pay attention to relations. Yes, certainly, he in the beginning of the novel told it to you and also you, certainly, were his ideal, but times vary. Proceeding from answers, do conclusions.

The third rule: try to make to the beloved a surprise, that is, to surprise him. It can be the invitation in any original small restaurant, a new exotic dish taking into account his gastronomic predilections – proverbs that the way to men’s heart lies through a stomach, still nobody has denied.

And it is even better to change image, but it is not cardinal. Good impression can make purchase, for example, blouses in romantic style or new sensual aroma. Invariable interest also will cause new juicy lacy linen on your seductive body.

In general, experiment! Occurrence of new joint hobbies will help to diversify relations with your partner. For example, you could jump with a parachute together or to register in club of fans of flamenco. Believe, embracing you, excited after temperamental dance, his temperament will not keep itself waiting long.

The fourth rule: in every possible way underline his importance for you, but do not be overzealous, that he has not thought that only he claims you. Praise, raise his importance in the opinion of associates – it is proved: men are vain.

The fifth rule: cause nostalgia in him. Men are in overwhelming majority conservative enough and do not want sweeping changes. One matter is a small petty intrigue; another is change of a habitual environment. Use it!

Relations with the man will help to strengthen viewing of joint photos and video from places of last year’s rest where you were happy. And it is possible to visit your friends, relatives – let they admire, what you a wonderful couple!

What exactly to use from this arsenal you should solve yourself. You could tell it is banal and old. But it works — it is checked up in practice!

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