Today I am going to speak about a few of the signs your ex will show if they want you back. Lots of people want their ex back after they have left them, however unless they give you signs that they are interested in a reunion, this rarely happens.

If you get the chance to meet up with your ex and speak with them, take it because you will then be able to see if there are any signs that you may get back with your ex. For example they may take initiative to arrange to see you; this may be via mutual friends or family.

If your ex is doing this then there’s a high probability that want to get back with you. Also a positive action to look out for is if your ex is hanging around with you a lot more than an ex should be. These sort of actions include wanting to have a longer meeting or not ending a phone call.

Think about how your ex may be feeling now. There is no way that they would be making this much effort if they were not interested in a reconciliation. When people break up with someone, it is sometimes the case that they regret doing this and try to maintain the bond with their ex.

Another sign of your ex wanting you back is if they steer conversation towards the break up and how things could have been different. They definitely want to give things another try if they talk about a future with you.

If your ex is doing some of or all of the above then the ball truly is in your court. No games should be played though, you need to get straight to the point and let them know whether you would like to give things another try or not. If you want to get your ex back but play childish mind games they may end up giving up.

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