There are literally hundreds if not thousands of self help books on the subject of saving your marriage and Ex Back Advice, yet divorce rates are just as high as they have ever been. The guidance in these books is not necessarily bad, but there are things you need to change about yourself before any of these tips will do you any good.

Rule Out Divorce!

If divorce has been discussed, but it isn’t really wanted, stop discussing it! It isn’t wanted so why mention it? Many people use the word divorce as some kind of threat to try and get their husband or wife to change, even though they have no intention of actually following through on it. The main issue with this is that the more you speak about it, the more liable it is to happen.

Respect Each Other

When you hardly knew each other, I guess you were both extremely nervous around each other, and wanted to be on your best behaviour. You watched your P’s and Q’s and you most likely took care of any difficulties politely and patiently. If you want to preserve your marriage you have to get back to this amount of respect.

Your Partner Isn’t Perfect

Accept That! Its simple to overlook the minor annoying habits that your spouse may have when you are newlyweds, like leaving the doors open or throwing their clothes on the floor. But over time these things are going to irritate you more and more, and you just want your spouse to change them. Before you choose to confront them over it, ask yourself if its really worth it? If not, learn to put up with it.

Don’t Be Too Critical

This one can be tough to accomplish. Once you begin criticizing over the insignificant things, it can be difficult to stop, but try not to attack your partner over every little thing. You should still inform them if something they do annoys you, but do so in a non-confrontational way.

Understand The Opposite Sex

That doesn’t mean sitting down in the park, gazing at the hot guy or girl that appeals to you. I mean take the time to comprehend the difference in how men and women think about matters, such as relationships and emotions. You may think you know how they think, but I’m sure you will be amazed by what you discover, if you put in the effort. If learn something new, ask your partner if that it how they think or feel. This alone, could be vital in saving your marriage.

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