She’s gone! That’s the one thing that’s clear. Us guys are not real good at dealing with this kind of thing. Even if she gave you some reason why, it probably isn’t the real reason.

Getting this figured out is going to be key if you are going to succeed in getting her back. It is going to be exceedingly difficult to bring her back if you don’t. You’re a man of action so let’s get to it!

How to Get Your Ex Back?

Let’s start by figuring out what didn’t really cause her to dump your sorry butt. While leaving the toilet seat up is low-class, it didn’t cause her to leave you. Nor did the fact that you worked late again or any other story she might have told you as she packed her bags.

Even the way she saw you looking at that young hottie in the miniskirt is almost certainly not the real reason she left. Stuff like that surely annoyed her, and might be the trigger for why she left when she did so, but they’re not the true reason your wife left.

The odds are that you are alone right now because your woman didn’t feel that you appreciated her anymore. You heard me. And understand this: what you feel about her in your heart doesn’t matter. You didn’t make her feel like you appreciate her.

Most women will put up with our antics if they feel we need and appreciate all the things they do for us. But if she starts to believe that she isn’t truly important to you, that you’re just going through the motions without your heart in it, it won’t matter how nice a house you have, or how much money you spend on her. You’ll lose her love and soon she’ll be gone.

Let’s talk about how things were before she left. I bet she did lots of things to show you that she cared for you. Admit it. You know what I mean. Remember those little notes in your lunch, the phone calls to let you know she was thinking of you. Whatever ways she did it, she made the effort. If you try, you’ll be able to remember how she kept putting effort into your relationship.

Did you reciprocate? Did you listen to her (I mean actually paying attention and everything) when she wanted to share her day with you? Did you look her in the eye and tell her you loved her before you left for work in the morning? Did you ever hold her and touch her when you weren’t trying to get her into bed? Did you do the little things that would show her how much you cared for her?

Most guys stink at this. We think about how we took her out to dinner last week & hardly looked at the TV over the bar while she went on and on about whatever it was she was going on about. I mean come on! It had been a hard day and you weren’t interested in the subject. If that doesn’t prove we care, what does?

Either we do stuff like that, or we buy her fancy stuff every now and then (particularly after you screw up somehow), take her on a nice trip once in a while, and figure all is well. While the big gifts & trips are welcome, from a woman’s perspective, the little things that require actual effort instead of just a fat wallet or the ability to look interested while daydreaming are what matters. After all, any clown with some money can buy big gifts or expensive vacations.

So now you know the truth. She’s gone because you didn’t show her that you appreciated her in ways that really mean something to her. Your failure to do this is why you are desperately trying to bring her back, instead of sleeping next to her tonight. It’s time to fix this! Learn how to salvage your love.

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