The key to keeping your relationship fresh is to say I love you in unlike or novel ways. Sending him a love letter is a fantastic romanticistic gesture.

If you’ve never exchanged love letters with your partner, then that hand written love letter will definitely ingrain. A letter composed by you expressing your flavors will mean so much more than a store bought greeting card.  The following should prove helpful for crafting a great love letter.

1.) The letter needs to be written in two stages. The first is the committal to writing stage.
Editing comes next where you clean up mistakes and grammatical errors. Never edit your letter while composing because it slows down and stunts your writing.

When you are composing, write the words down as they pop into your head. During a normal conversation, you unremarkably don’t pause to formulate your sentences, the words just flow from your lips. The same should be true when writing.

Picture yourself with your partner and you’re sharing intimate feelings with him. Record the words that you say.  Always keep your inner critic silent when you compose. You must actually sustain the opinion that’s being written. That means being in the right mood as you write.  Try performing your favorite romantic music in the backdrop. If the writing seems corny, don’t concern, just keep writing and get those feeling onto the page.

2.) Try adding a few romantic love quotes. They tend to amplify the emotions of the love letter.  Romantic quotes are just a few keystrokes away on the Internet. Simply enter “love quotes” or “love quotations” into a search engine.

3.) Compose the letter in another language. This is an advanced technique and is not compulsory but it enhances the letter.  Do this if you have a trusted friend to do the translating. You can either give the translation to your partner or insist that he translates the letter himself.

4.) An important aspect of love letters are the different ways that you can deliver it to him. Using surprise is most effective.  Hide the letter in his briefcase so that he discovers it at work. You can also plant it into one of his pockets. There are endless variations to this.

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