Do you generally wish you could read your partner’s mind? It would save a ton of arguments and confusion if you knew specifically what they were thinking.

When we split up with someone we love we sit at home in hopes they are as miserable as we are. This makes us feel better as we would hate to feel they are out having a social gathering because the two of you are no longer together.

When you break-up there is normally countless anger and hurt but when you have time to think about it you start to remember the nicer parts of the partnership and you feel sad. It is about this time that you phone or text a mutual friend to see how your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is doing. If you discover he is a bit down about the split you promptly feel better. This is a hint they still care as much as you do.

You feel there is a chance the two of you can get back together and wonder what have to be your next move. You have the advantage of knowing that your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is pining for you so you need a game plan. It is obvious you both love each other but whatever the reason was that brought on you to split up will still be there when you get to come back together.

Sometimes colleagues can be of superb use in these times. They have watched the romance and will undoubtedly be able to give you an independent viewpoint about what needs to change but only if you are willing to listen.

If you think you can work out what areas of the love affair need bettering you could speak to your partner and talk to them. Give it a number of days to let the dust settle though before you make the phone call. When love is amazing like this it is worth all the effort you give it.

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