Getting closure after getting dumped might seem impossible.. Unfortunately, not everyone is allowed the luxury of questions and answers in order to get that much needed closure. You’re left wondering ‘How can I get closure when my ex isn’t talking even talking to me?’

How to Get Your Ex Back?

Closure is an important part of the healing process in almost any situation. But you don’t have to depend on another person in order to obtain that much needed closure. Here are a few things YOU can do to get that sense of closure even if your ex isn’t taking your calls these days.

Create a Ceremony of Your Own

Closure is something that is purely emotional and for your own benefit. You can have your own personal ceremony to gain closure. It doesn’t even have to be something ‘official’ in order to be effective.

A great example would be to write down all your feelings about the relationship, your ex, and the breakup. Write it on paper and by hand. This won’t be nearly as effective if you type it all out. Just write whatever comes to mind, good or bad. Then, when you’ve written everything you can think of about your feelings burn the paper.

This small ‘ceremony’ can represent the end of one chapter of your life and make you ready to face the next chapter. It works wonders for a lot of people. But it’s not the solution for everyone. There are other actions you can take.

Forgive Your Ex and Yourself

If you’re sincere about your desire to gain closure, forgiveness is the key. You can’t let go of the past, the person, or the relationship if you’re holding onto the anger, hurt, pain, and grudges of the past. It’s just not possible.

Even if the anger is directed at yourself, holding onto it ties you to the other person. The only way to really free yourself and gain the closure you seek is to let it go and forgive yourself for whatever it is you believe you’ve done wrong. Then you must forgive your ex for whatever it is that he or she has done that has caused you pain.

The act of forgiving frees your mind and heart to move ahead rather than being tethered to the past.

Of course the final option for this process is that you could learn how to get your ex back instead. Then closure won’t be needed at all. Still it’s a difficult task when your ex isn’t exactly speaking to you. That’s why you need to follow the link above and learn how to write the second chance letter that will open up all kinds of doors for the two of you and greatly improve your chances of getting back together with your ex.

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