Alright ladies let’s get to it!  You and the boyfriend have broken up and now you are having quite a variety of emotions taking over.  This was my story not too long ago.  You are likely sad, feeling alone or furious at this stage. Thoughts of revenge ordinarily follow the anger and guess what, this is when things can get really interesting.  Don’t do anything you will regret later or anything that will actually hurt you in the process.  Instead, consider these top 5 ways to revenge ex boyfriend and these tips will go a long way to improve your life while getting your revenge.

These tips will help you in two great ways – follow them and you will bettor your own life whether the breakup is forever or you find yourselves getting back together, and also the revenge is sweet because he now will believe you are strong and more in control of your own destiny than he is.

  1. Be selfish and do some things for yourself that will make you more happy and self confident. You could take up jogging or join a fitness club for instance. Or it could be pampering yourself with a new look.  Doing this shortly after the breakup will also limit the chance of slowly falling into a depression.
  2. Get out and socialize! Meet up with friends often, do some things for people in need, take some courses to stimulate your mind, join a club. You might object to this, thinking that you are too busy. Do it in any case, and it will energize you more than anything else you could do.
  3. Contact your ex boyfriend but not until some time has passed and you have a full plate of interests to keep you busy.  You call just to say you want to wish him well and that you were putting the hard feelings behind you. Say nothing else unless he asks you how you are doing or if he asks to see you.  In either case you should say that for now you were wanting to spend time making your own life work and that it would be best to not see each other just yet.
  4. Meet up with your ex (but wait a couple more weeks at least first).  Just meet for coffee or lunch (not dinner).  Let him do nearly all of the talking except for responding to his lead.  You reply mostly with talk about the things you have going on now.  You should wear something that is mostly conservative but shows off just enough of what he is missing, especially if your work outs and keeping active is making you look hot.
  5. Do you want to keep him or not?.  You can certainly take your time but at some point you want to either throw him away again or take him back. Either way you are in control and as a bonus you have been able to revenge your ex by making him believe you are better and happier than him and that you don’t necessarily need him in your life to be happy.

This is not your typical revenge advice but it works almost every time.  Read on for more effective ways to revenge ex boyfriend and get some other proven ideas to get him back if that is what you want.

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