You and your significant other were getting along better than ever…or so you thought. Out of nowhere your partner broke up with you…and now you’re heartbroken. So, how are you going to get your ex back?

Well, if you thought everything was going so well…obviously you and your partner were having some communication issues. What can you do to improve those communication issues?

First of all, don’t be desperate. Your partner obviously broke up with you for a reason. Face it…there is something about you that your partner just can’t stand. Instead of crying about it, why not consider transforming your attitudes and way you communicate. But how?

LovePong is a website designed for couples in a romantic relationship. It can surely be of some assistance if you are looking for ways to get your ex back.  As soon as you and your partner register for LovePong, you will be given an opportunity to communicate like never before. Initially, the dialogue will be rather basic. For example, one of the first questions asks what attracted you to your partner in the first place. As you and your partner proceed, the dialogue will become more intimate. You will be given a chance to express yourself outside of your element…outside of the bickering that you and your partner have recently mastered so well.

After several interactions your partner will have an opportunity to express the emotions and events that led them to brake up with you….and you will have a chance to respond. LovePong isn’t just a place to rant about how much your partner sucks…LovePong will give you a chance to see how these issues developed over time. Your ex will be given a chance to express in detail how they feel, and how they got there.  After several interactions, both of you will be seeing things in a different light. Soon you will be telling everyone that LovePong is the best website to help you get back with yor ex. is a game for couples

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