You were a challenge for her. You had a superior value and she was irresistibly attracted to you.

And I am about to make a wild guess here, however could it be that as time went on, you became less and less of a challenge for her?

And could it be that currently, you are absolutely no challenge for her? Not to mention that she believes if she wanted to, at any time she could get you back again and wrapped around her little finger by simply saying the word?

I’m going to be crude here, but as you may already know, to develop into a challenge once again you have to prove to your ex lover that her sexuality does not have any influence over you any more. Consider what it’s like when you’re stalking her with unreturned phone calls, voice mails, text messages, and emails. After which think about exactly what it is like when you continue doing it (as quite a few guys do) even after she’s told you to stop. You are implying to the woman that you’re a low-value guy with no other sexual options.

Your sweetheart won’t respect you again until you refuse her lovemaking dominance over you. Fortunately you are doing that now by not personally corresponding with her.

Be sure to stay 100% strict with your communication cut-off. Don’t be “pals” with her, because that rewards your ex with the continuing validation of power over you while providing her a convenient justification to stay split up. (She justifies that she is letting you down easy that way, assuaging virtually any guilt she may experience.)

Then again, you should definitely keep her locked in with the help of your things. Probably a lot of your belongings are at her residence, and vice versa. She could even owe you money as well. She could ask a mutual friend of yours to ask you if you would like everything back.

The best reply to this is definitely  “No, not yet.” The rationale is because her holding onto your stuff (and you holding onto hers) is still locking the two of you in and guaranteeing future communication. If you are interested in getting back together, you do NOT want to give her the psychological closure that would come from settling your accounts.

For the up coming three weeks, you must totally recognize — and embrace — the undeniable fact that you are an independent man now. Take what transpired with your ex-girlfriend and learn from it. You’ve got a golden opportunity to transform your life, whether or not you ever get your ex back again.

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